francesca izzi

Francessa is a fashion stylist and consultant based between Milan and Paris. Francesa’s ability to storytell and create characters strongly influences her aesthetics which continue to enrich her cultural and visual imagination.

What is the part you love the most of the artistic process?

Every project has a slightly different approach. But what I like most is what happens between the commission and the photoshoot. From the moment you receive the theme by the magazine, to that moment when you find the idea for that story. Getting to the idea. I start studying the theme in all its aspects, going deeply, especially if it’s something new to me. Then the fun comes. I start gathering images and references all around it. This is my favorite part of the process and the most creative, I think. It’s where I can really think of ideas to tell a story and create something. I love the instant when you find a good idea!

Current obsession?

A24, the hippest movie production company of all the coolest movies and tv series of the moment and I’m watching them all! … and the merch … they make books based on the scripts, special edition tees and zines and posters. I am a total victim of A24 fun culture.

Ah dimenticavo … also my new FENTY gloss bomb heat 🙂

What is your relationship with rules?

I’ve become a pretty good girl. But still, I wouldn’t think twice to jump a gate to get to a desert beach 😉 in the end, aren’t rules meant to be broken?!

An underrated food combination?

Ricotta and honey

What was the biggest aesthetic influence in the beginning of your career?

STREET. From individuality/real people to subcultures, from artists to bankers/yuppies, the world around me. A lot of my style references are still based on the popular culture that surrounds me and impresses my eyes, mixing with my personal experiences.

Street photography in general, and the big American’s names in particular – such as WILLIAM EGGLESTON-MARK STEINMETZ-STEPHEN SHORE-GARRY WINOGRAND-LEE FRIEDLANDER-DIANE ARBUS-TINA BARNEY-ALEC SOTH – capturing the beauty of mundane everyday things of the american society have been the very first big source of inspiration for me.