hedi stanton

Hedi Stanton, is a photographer based between New York and Paris. Hedi’s images centralise a soft sensuality with a strong red thread of escapism throughout her work.

An unsung hero in your life?

My mother and my friend Richard have been incomparably thoughtful and caring figures in my life in different ways. But I’m not good at showing affection directly to the people I love most, so I’ll sing their praises here and work on that in the meantime.


Nature or nurture?

Nature is pretty deterministic in my opinion. I like that nurture is proactive, malleable, and it can be forgiving; because of it’s ability to effect change, I think it’s more powerful and meaningful.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

I used to encourage my own anxiety in the midst of good moments because I felt their ephemeral nature looming. A friend told me they do the opposite, and during bad moments feel comfort in knowing something good or better must be close by. In short, shifting your perspective makes all the difference.

What are the underlying influences in your work?

Movies and girlhood. Nostalgia and awkwardness. Or awkward sensuality that comes with girlhood.