rei nadal

Rei Nadal is a director based in London. Her unorthodox approach to filmmaking has roots in literary techniques that she adapts to create visual stories, as well as combining fashion photography references with philosophy and ideologies to create experimental films that merge genres.

What emerging artists do you admire?

Oscar Foster-Kane
Saskia Dixie

What about masters – do you have any?

Michael Haneke
Chris Cunningham

What is your most untapped potential?

Drawing. Also there was a time when I would film my trips back home from the pub; somehow I always made it in one piece. I feel like there might be a niche audience for that on TikTok.

What is the role of art in your life?

My joy and the bane of my existence.

What’s your favourite dinosaur and why?

I like plesiosaurs; I’ve always liked how sleek they look, but upon further research I found out they are technically not dinosaurs. So Rex from Toy Story.