thomas rousset 

Thomas Rousset is a photographer who lives and works between Lausanne and Paris. Rousset’s images offer an overlapping and ambiguous representation of realities. A mixture that is constantly flirting with the limits of everyday life and imagination.

Favourite gelato?

I discovered the Kakigori during my last trip to Japan. It’s ice crushed very finely (they use a special machine to have this particular texture) that they will deposit like a mountain on a bawl. On top they will put a syrup with: matcha, sesame, squash,… We can also add condensed milk. It’s beautiful, it’s good, I love it.

What is the role of art in your life?

It depends on the moment, sometimes I really need it, I want to go see exhibitions, buy books, I need to fill my head, sometimes I overdose especially with the social networks and I cling to simpler things like my son, my family, my friends, the routine. Afterwards I love seeing art in everyday life, I like the involuntary sculptures that everyone can imagine in urban space or in nature.

What do you see as the essential – central – theme in your work?

There is a term that sums up my photographic approach very well, it is the notion of “magical realism” which captures elements considered magical, supernatural or irrational arising in an environment considered realistic.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I have no memory of myself projecting myself into an adult profession. I believe that I lived my life as a child day by day. I grew up in a lost place in the mountains where games in nature were the center of my concerns.